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Posted By Blake Anderson

Spring is Approaching fast - Increased Acres?

With spring approaching fast, visit with your sales agronomist to make sure you have a plan put together for all your inputs, especially seed and fertilizer.  With what looks like many acres coming back into production from previous years, make sure you have seed to cover those

Soil Sampling and Results

Now is a great time to get the maps made to finish up any last minute soil sampling before spring.  This is a huge time saver for your operation and also Wheat Growers.  If the samples were taken last fall, now would be a good time to review the results and make sure the right plan

Last Chance Before Freeze up Soil Samples

Now is a good time to be talking with your sales agronomist about Soil Sampling.  Whether its MZB sampling or Geo-reference sampling, this fall is a great time to get soil sampling out of the way for spring application.  Soil Sampling  is also a great way to plan your

Scouting Corn Fields

As we get closer to harvest there are a few reasons you should spend a little time in your corn fields.  

The first reason is to document any diseases and weak stalks so that these fields can be a priority to combine first. Second, is to get an idea of a hybrids


As Jay stated earlier aphid numbers are on the rise, some fields in my area around Aberdeen have aphid numbers of 1000+.   Fields that have been treated with a insecticide with a good residual are holding good.