Some fall soil tests are coming back showing significant levels of residual nitrogen and possibly other crop nutrients due to drought conditions and lower than expected crop growth across much of the Wheat Growers service territory.  While residual nutrients can be looked at as a bonus, these additional nutrient levels provide an additional opportunity this fall- that is building soil levels of less mobile nutrients. 

Investing any money saved from residual nutrient levels, like nitrate nitrogen, back into a “build” program for less mobile nutrients like phosphorous can make a lot of sense.  Good crops will return to our growing region, as history tells us.  New crop varieties have increasing nutrient demands for optimal growth.  Wheat Growers has an excellent supply of traditional and innovative fertilizer products and programs.  Put those facts together with a chance to build soil levels of less mobile nutrients without significant cost beyond “normal” fall fertility programs, and you could say the opportunity is “golden”.  Visit with your local Wheat Growers Agronomist for tips on optimizing fall fertility programs.