Weekly Crop Conditions released this afternoon showed a continued drop in Corn and Soybean conditions - not surprising.  Corn was down 2 percentage points in the Good/Excellent category this week to 24%.  Most notable changes were MN down 5% (rated 56% G/E) and SD down 4%, but one must take into account that some states don't have that much in the G/E category to drop, namely IL and MO rated at a mere 5% G/E.  IN, OH, and WI showed small gains in the G/E category over last week.  On the flip side, Poor/Very Poor tallies are reflecting levels comparable to 1988 as seen in the chart below.

Soybeans rating G/E were also 2 points lower on the week, now rated at 29% nationally.   Both MN (57%) and IA (25%) were 3 lower along with NE being down 4% on last week and SD was steady.  As seen in corn ratings, IN and OH both improved their bean ratings a touch.   

Progress wise:  Corn Silking is at 94% vs 78% last year.  Dented is running at 13% this week vs. 3% average.  Soybean crop is also ahead of last years blooming pace at 88% vs. 75% average.

Nationwide Spring wheat harvest is 28% complete vs 3% on average.  SD is 82% wrapped up and ND at 26% harvested.