Well it's March 1st and everyone is starting to think about hooking up their planters and seeing what needs to be done to get ready for the planting season. But after this last snow I am sure the itch to pull the planter out and park it in middle of the yard to get your nosy neighbor exited has subsided for a bit. But with the talk of a nice warm up next week, this white stuff will be gone and the itch to go to the field will return.

This would be a good time to take off your seed units and get them calibrated for this upcoming planting season. Yield losses due to non-uniformity of spacing can range between 3 and 5 bushels per acre on newer planters and even up to 10 bushels on older or poorly maintained planters. These are bushels that you can never get back during the growing season. Once the mistake is made you have hurt your top end yield.  I am a farmer also, and I like things explained as simple as possible. My reasoning for calibrating my planter is if I am going to spend this much money on my seed I want to make sure I am putting it were it needs to go to give me the best chance for top yield.

The cost to calibrate your planter is around $40 per row plus parts if needed. Wheat Growers has locations to provide this service just call your local agronomist, myself (605-350-2477), or Jim Vanbuskirk (605-883-4317). Please do not put this off till the last minute so we are able to get it done for you before spring.