June 30, 2017
Drew Johnson
Grain Marketing Specialist

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Corn: 4 higher

We have finally made it to the June 30th Report and corn is finding some positives this morning. Looking ahead, If stocks numbers and planted acres come in under the March estimates, then the bull may be set loose. After we digest these numbers, traders will then start watching the weather again. The I states have good chances of precipitation in the next 10- 14 days. Below are the acres and stock estimates for today.

Soybeans: 3 higher

Soybeans are also ticking higher this morning. Expectations, for today, are maybe a little less ending stock, because of solid demand, and more planted acres. Overall trend, mind you, is still down. Below is the 6-10 day weather forecasts for temp and precipitation chances. The two week outlook is not any different.

Wheat: MPLS 14 higher. KC 10 higher.

Minneapolis wheat keeps pushing onward and upward. Winter wheat too has found some life. These recent gains might make one think about incorporating some wheat into the rotation for next year? Some interest, from today’s report, will come from the stocks numbers as those numbers will reflect the ending stocks in wheat for the 2016-2017 marketing year. Below is the drought monitor. The Northern Plains continue to see stress.