September 19, 2016
Drew Johnson
Grain Marketing Specialist

Fall harvest is here! Contact your nearest Grain Marketing Specialist to discuss our different contracting options and grain programs.

Corn: 1 higher

Corn futures are finding support from soybeans this Monday morning. Weather expected to be wet for the next seven days. This also is lending support to the corn market. We see the December chart finding resistance at $3.40 futures.

Soybean: 10 higher

US harvest delays, assumed on weather forecasts, and increased hope of Chinese demand, after their recent Autumn Festival in China, have soybeans higher this morning. Resistance for November soybeans is around $9.80. Below is the 7-day precipitation forecast.

Wheat: 2 higher

Wheat is trying to move higher as well this morning. Recent rains are promoting good soil conditions for winter wheat in the southern plains. Wheat fundamentals are limited as we continue to trade in narrow ranges.