The calendar says it is the last day of September and we have yet to see a killing frost across virtually all of the Wheat Growers trade area. This is a little unusual for us in the Dakotas, but what is normal anymore? With the absence of frost, our abundant summer moisture, and great crop protection practices, many of the mid to later maturing soybean varieties are still a little yellow in the stem (if not green).

As soybean harvest usually plays out…….the beans will go from just right to TOO DRY in a couple of days. In order to help producers to maximize their returns per acre I wanted to touch on a quick reminder regarding our moisture shrink and drying charges on soybeans.

A bushel of soybeans is considered dry at 13% moisture. Wheat Growers drying charges don't start until 14%, giving you a 1% cushion. Shrink is still figured back to a 13% moisture basis.

As you contemplate whether or not to cut a field that still looks a little yellow or hasn’t dropped all of its leaves, remember the upper limits of where discounts would potentially start. On an $8/bushel of soybeans, every percent of moisture below 13% equates to 8 cents per bushel lost!

As always……..Stay safe during this busy time!