March 11th, 2015
Drew Johnson
Grain Marketing Specialist

The deadline to enroll corn and soybean bushels, for a new crop sale, in our Market Base Builder program is this Friday March 13th. Call your local Grain Marketing Specialist or your nearest Wheat Growers Grain location for details.

Click Here to find out more information about the proposed unification between NCFE and WG.  

Corn: 4-5 higher
USDA cut ethanol production, and raised export and feed usage to take 50 million bushels off of the 2014 ending stocks. Ethanol numbers out later today. They are expected to show some margin and maybe continue to improve.

Soybeans: 6-7 higher
USDA did nothing to 2014 soybean stocks yesterday. Light rains expected in Brazil through the week. Argentina is turning drier. Farmers in Argentina begin a three day suspension of sales today to protest government policies.

Wheat: 3-6 higher
USDA did not raise the 2014 carryout yesterday as was expected. They did increase seed use by 1 million bushels. The seven day weather forecast is mostly dry for the Plains, but very southern areas could see some moisture.