Brad Olson
Grain Marketing Specialist

Corn: As of 7:45- steady

Another day of light news as the dollar index sharply higher pressured grains across the board. The discussion has and will continue to shift to planting intentions. Right now the corn/bean ratio doesn’t suggest a large shift of any kind as displayed in the chart below. Export sales this morning at 2190 MT far exceeding expectations of 800-1000.

Soybeans: As of 7:45-  6 lower

The strength of the dollar pressured soybeans as well yesterday. SA weather will continue to be watched but we are running out of time for that to play out. Production estimates seem to be growing at this point. Export sales this morning at a light 14.1 for 14/15 and 101.2 for 15/16 below expectations of 400-700. Meal at 284.5 for 14/15 and 6.1 for 15/16 and oil at 17.1.

Wheat: As of 7:45- 3 lower

Only news yesterday of significance seemed to Japan purchasing wheat with 47,600 MT being US. Other than that the firm dollar affecting this market as well. Export sales this morning at 485.4 for 14/15 and 106 for 15/16 exceeding expectations of 200-400.