November 5th, 2014
Drew Johnson
Grain Marketing Specialist

Markets lower this morning led by Soybeans and a higher dollar. Next Monday is the November WASDE Report.

As of 8:00am  3 lower

Harvest progress and lack of demand are continuing to pressure this market. Corn is lower this morning testing a support level at $3.61 Dec. futures. Ethanol numbers out today. Expectations are good.

As of 8:00am  9 lower

Soybeans continue to see pressure with yesterday’s selloff blowing through support at $10.25 Jan futures. Now we see soybeans testing support around $10 Jan futures.

As of 8:00am  4  lower
Wheat continues to be a follower to corn and soybeans. US origin wheat remains at a disadvantage, to the world, because of price.