Notice: Comment period has been extended to November 14, 2014

Please Take Action!!! 

Waters of the U.S. – Proposed Rule

Many of you have heard about the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and EPA’s attempt to put specific regulations into the Clean Water Act that could impact farming decisions as it pertains to non-navigable waters in the U.S. The expanded scope of the proposed legislation could likely lead to litigation against farmers and ranchers for farming practices that have proved to be common here in the Dakota’s. The proposed rules for the definition of Waters of the U.S. would add additional confusion to an already confusing landscape of water that is seen on our farms throughout the year.

You can click here to view a set of slides put together from the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives which gives you more information on the issue. Thanks to the staff at NCFC for this information. You can click here to view a sample letter that you can print, sign and then send off to the EPA. You may also take this letter and add your own comments or words to it to make it more personal. To send by email, click here.

I encourage everyone to get involved here. At the end of the comment period (November 14, 2014) EPA will count the letters for and against this proposed legislation and determine their next moves. It is our hope that the farming community is active in their opposition to this legislation. Additionally, let our elected Washington, D.C. representatives know how you feel as well. Please, get involved before it is too late.

Steve Briggs, SVP - Agronomy
South Dakota Wheat Growers