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Calibrate Your Corn Planter

Well it's March 1st and everyone is starting to think about hooking up their planters and seeing what needs to be done to get ready for the planting season. But after this last snow I am sure the itch to pull the planter out and park it in middle of the yard to get your nosy neighbor exited has subsided for a

Soil Sample Summary for 2011

Here is a link to Ag Vise Laboratories summary of samples from 2011.

Controlling Weeds in Soybeans

Controlling certain weeds in soybeans is getting tougher, if not imposssible, with just Glyphosate.

Wheat Grower Statements

One of the items that has been brought to our attention is that some of the statements you receive in the mail are "falling-apart" when you open the envelope.

Wheat Growers Local Market Recap - for the week ending January 13th, 2012

After what seemed to be an impressive start to the week on Monday, with some more speculator buying based on the Argentina dryness, only ended in heartbreak after the bearish USDA report on Thursday left many traders running from the grain market. At the end of the week Corn was Down 44 cents, Soyb