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June 18 Crop Conditions

Today's Crop Conditions were out and were lower as expected by the trade today.  Nationwide corn was down 3% in the Good/Excellent category from last week at 63%.  Most notable declines were in Indiana (down 12%), Ohio (down 11%) and Nebraska (down 8%).  South Dakota was down 6% at 76% G/E.

Beans were down 4%

June USDA Supply/Demand Report Items

Here are the Average Trade Guesses for some key portions of tomorrow's June USDA S/D report that will be released @ 7:30 am.  Last month's numbers are also referenced in parenthesis.

2011/2012 Ending Stocks Estimate (million Bu)


Corn Stand Counts

Early season scouting on your corn fields is the best way to maximize profitability on every acre. An easy thing to do is check the live stand in your fields. To do this, count the number of plants in 1/1000th of an acre. If you have 30 inch rows, you will want to count the number of plants in 17 feet 5 inches. In 20 inch rows, count the

Tech Tips: Cereal Aphid Issues and Wheat Disease Control

We are receiving reports of aphids and potential issues of Barley Yellow Dwarf (BYD) showing up in wheat in SD. There are several aphid species that can be present across the Wheat Growers service area in wheat fields, but the target species right now for Barley Yellow Dwarf virus (BYDV) concerns is the Bird Cherry Oat Aphid (BCOA). Barley

Starter Fertilizer Mixing

When mixing multiple products in with your starter fertilizer be sure to make sure all the products you are adding are compatible. Products that are labeled for mixing with starter fertilizer usually have no problems, but adding multiple products in one mix can lead to problems. It is a good idea to test the compatibility