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Early-Planted Corn & Cold Weather Risks

The forecast for the week beginning April 24, 2017 certainly looks to a continuation of the below normal temperatures. One question is whether corn planting should continue or whether we are better off holding off now for a few days. Chilling injury to corn should be considered and corn monitored.

A Little Bit of Chemistry - Starter Fertilizers and Chelated Micronutrients

I have had a few discussions recently about starter fertilizers and micronutrients in starter fertilizer blends. Starter fertilizers are a key aspect in getting crops off to a rapid, uniform, aggressive start to the season. I hope that on-farm deliveries of solid starter fertilizer programs- and additional micronutrients like zinc- will fire

Liquid Starter Fertilizers- A Key To Get Corn (and Soy) Off And Running!

For corn and soybean growers, one key decision each season is about the use of a starter fertilizer. Why Starters? It’s simple, just like the name: Get your plants off to a good start by providing an immediate source of fertilizer. The goal is straight forward - providing immediate nutrition to the young seedling to bridge the gap

Marketing Binned Corn and Beans Heading into Spring

Well, winter is past the half way point and Spring is a mere 6 weeks away, what should we be looking at for unsold corn and beans in the bin? How long until load limits are posted? How much corn do we want to potentially move this summer if we haven’t moved anything yet? On the bright side we are talking about numbers on both corn and

Weeds And The Lessons Learned In 2016

Here we are in later January 2017 and realizing that with good conditions, planting could be something like a little over three months away potentially! I look out at the snow-covered fields around eastern South Dakota, and I can't help but notice that there are a few things still poking above the snow other than crop residue. 2016 was a