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Waterhemp Control

Waterhemp is a weed that can be found across our trade territory. This is a weed that produces seeds at such a high rate fields can go from "thinking we have waterhemp in them" to "covered end to end with it."

Think Fall for Spring Weed Control

Fall is the perfect time to start weed control on problem fields. If you are encountering kochia or marestail issues especially plan a program to start this fall to get ahead of these weeds.

Analyzing your herbicide program

The combine seat always gives us a good view of the results from the decisions made during the year. Weed control is always at the top of the list as we roll into harvest and then make plans for next year.

Grain prices rallying, now what?...A closer look into the July 12th USDA report

The summer rally seems to be here but along with it is a drought map that keeps inching East..

Tomorrow is the July WASDE report released by the USDA. This report will give us an updated look at the estimated Supply and Demand tables on corn, beans and wheat. This report will also give us an updated look at yield which will be

Managing Alfalfa - High Nutrient Demand, and a Valuable Crop in 2017

Profitable forage production depends on high yields. Most of the state has fully completed the first alfalfa cutting for the season, and regrowth is taking off. Of course, there continues to be a lot of discussion on the lack of rainfall over much of the region. Alfalfa can generally survive dry conditions extremely well.