Min-Max Grain Contracts

A Min-Max contract establishes a minimum price protecting you against lower prices, but permitting participation if the market rallies up to a predetermined maximum price using exchange traded options. The final price of the Min-Max contract will be the minimum price plus any value the option positions provide if the market is above the minimum prior to the expiration of the option.


  • Provides a price floor
  • Has a reduced cost when compared to a Minimum Price contract as it offsets high-option premiums in exchange for a ceiling above the market
  • You can set the final cash price at any time during CBOT market trading hours
  • No upfront premium - Wheat Growers covers the premium and deducts it from the ending price
  • Ability to roll up to higher strike prices if the market rallies to increase the minimum price level and still participate in further market appreciation
  • Risk Parameters are known and costs are easily identified

Key Issues and Risks:

  • Does not permit trading in and out of markets as delivery is expected
  • The upside potential price of this contract is limited to the maximum price
  • Depending on option strike prices and volatility, it may cost more than storage rates
  • Requires selling in 5,000 bushel increments

What are the costs associated?

  • To initiate a Min-Max contract it costs $0.03/bu
  • The new rolling feature that allows you to improve your minimum price if the market rallies costs $0.01/bu for each roll. The amount of times you can roll your strike price is not limited.
  • Producer has the option to place orders to lift off the ceiling (Max) if prices drop to levels that make economic sense. For example: If the producer sold a call option for $0.10 and is able to buy it back at $0.01 we could place an order to remove the maximum price in the event the market would rally prior to option expiration.

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