Spray On Profits


Among their many benefits, fungicides can improve your plants’ tolerance to weather-related stresses such as hail, drought and heat. Fungicides also can improve how your plants use nitrogen and increase their tolerance to bacterial and viral infections.

By applying foliar micronutrients, fungicides and insecticides on your corn crop, you are taking your best step toward protecting your crop, growing healthier plants and boosting your yields!

Apply one of Wheat Growers' qualifying foliar fertilizers, micronutrients, or fungicides to your corn crop and defer your payment until January 2018!**

Qualifying Products:

  • Utilize, Megafol, Coron, Axilo, ENC products, K-Leaf, Sable, Brandt Smart Trio, VersaMax, and Max-In brands of foliar micronutrients
  • Trivapro from Syngenta
  • Headline SC, Headline AMP, and Priaxor from BASF
  • Stratego, Stratego YLD, and Prosaro from Bayer
  • Evito and Fortix from Arysta
  • Avaris from Helena

Contact Your Wheat Growers Agronomist For More Details!

Wheat Growers reserves the right to discontinue or alter this program at any time without notice. Program begins June 1, 2017 and ends November 15, 2017. Contact your Wheat Growers location for more details. **Any herbicides applied at the same time, as well as application, would not be deferred.


Receive a 3 bushel per acre increase in your soybean crop this season, guaranteed! Applying foliar micronutrients paired with a fungicide and insecticide will help you see healthier plants and higher yields - plus, receive discounted application and deferred payment on product until January 2018!

It's easy to get started! Select a package from each list of qualifying products below:

1.  Select a micronutrient and drift control package:

  • Smart Trio + Interlock
  • Triad (4oz) + Vector
  • Coron25
  • OnLine

2.   Select a fungicide and insecticide package:

  • Priaxor + Fastac
  • Stratego Yield + Leverage
  • Preemptor SC + Hero

3.   Enroll your fields to increase your yields!

Contact Your Wheat Growers Agronomist For More Details!

To qualify for the guarantee, the customer must spray 1 package of products from each category listed above. The customer must sign an agreement stating they will leave a 180’ check strip in each field and provide yield data to back up a claim within 10 days of harvest. Claim must be submitted prior to Nov 20, 2017. Program will begin 2/20/17 and end 7/15/17. Wheat Growers reserves the right to end this program without notice.