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Posted By Steve Briggs

Information on EPA Clean Water Act

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Spring is here! Finally!

If you were like me, you had to wonder - would this day ever come!!  Looks like we are ready to roll at least for a while on fertilizer spreading.  Let's all take our time and do the right job while being safe. 

Speaking of fertilizer - our thoughts and

Surprise - Spring is here!

Does summer come next?

Wheat Growers’ Chamberlain Location Wins Top Environmental Award

Wheat Growers’ Chamberlain location has been honored with a Regional DuPont Environmental Respect Award. This award is the agriculture industry’s highest recognition for environmental stewardship among U.S. agricultural retailers.

Fertilizer - Is it too late?

Some thoughts this morning as we have just concluded a meeting with all our Sales Agronomists:

Surveys show that about 35% of the farmers in our trade territory still need to finish purchasing their fertilizer for this year's crop.  That adds up to a bunch of

Wheat Grower Statements

One of the items that has been brought to our attention is that some of the statements you receive in the mail are "falling-apart" when you open the envelope.