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Understanding The True Value Of Your Grain

As of this writing winter wheat harvest is in full swing and spring wheat right around the corner. Presently yields appear to above average, with good quality and varying levels of protein content. The increase in production has added to both the domestic and a global glut of wheat, causing

Reminder on Soybean Moisture

The calendar says it is the last day of September and we have yet to see a killing frost across virtually all of the Wheat Growers trade area. This is a little unusual for us in the Dakotas, but what is normal anymore? With the absence of frost, our abundant summer moisture, and great crop

Keeping Grain Quality & Safety a Top Priority into the New Year

Combines are put away, bins are full, and it’s starting to feel like winter out there. As the seasons have changed, we have been seeing some grain going out of condition despite going into the storage bin at very low moisture levels. Don’t forget to monitor the grain you have in