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Yield Data

Harvest is winding down and as we switch from those activities to planning for next year lets discuss yield data and some simple areas to start to make this more useful.

What's in a Yield Map?

3 mph back and forth across a field gives plenty of time to think. What's the grain cart doing? Why aren't the trucks getting back? Then you stare at the yield monitor and watch that picture come together. Does that picture make sense? Does it fit the management of the field?

Wheat Stubble Management

With small grain harvest rolling along and getting completed make plans to manage your wheat stubble.

Variable Rate Fertilizer and Zone Soil Testing

Today I sat down to work on variable rate fertilizer maps and I stumbled onto a field that pronounces the importance of variable rate fertilizer and zone soil testing. I ran into a few things that everyone should be aware of. This is happening in almost all of the fields that I help

Change is Coming

We all know that change is inevitable. There is increasing public concern about the role of crop nutrients, such as chemical fertilizer or manure, as it pertains to water quality from the local and regional levels to the international level. Public policy is likely to affect our fertilizer

Current Soil Tests Vital to Profitability

A two or three year old soil test is no longer adequate for several reasons. While an extremely rough estimate can be made by subtracting crop nutrient removal and adding fertilizer values, it is an approximation at best. Crop yields, increased nutrient removal rates by current