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Keep An Eye On Winter Wheat

With the absolutely stunning warm temperatures here in November come some interesting issues from the agronomy side. One of these was just relayed to me by an agronomist at our Chamberlain location. Winter wheat, but also winter wheat pests are still actively growing out in the fields and may

We Are In The Last 60 Days… For Soybeans, That Is...

Hard to believe, but we are in the last 60 days of the growing season for soybeans across most of the Wheat Growers territory. There are some absolutely terrific looking soybeans out there, but there are also a lot of soybeans that had their struggles this year- from wet fields early and

Keep An Eye On Winter Wheat - Aphids and Rust

Our Wheat Growers agronomists in the Wolsey and Huron areas have been reporting aphid populations in winter wheat this spring. Aphids can be damaging in wheat from direct feeding, but certain aphids can also vector the Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (BYDV). BYDV and aphids are often

Soybean Aphids at the 250 Aphid Threshold

I have received several calls recently about whether soybean aphids should be treated or not. The question often revolves around whether we will still see an economic benefit to treatment after soybeans are in something like the R3 growth stage. The short answer is yes there is value in

Check Your Winter Wheat Fields - Aphids Are Lurking

I received a note yesterday about aphids appearing in winter wheat fields in the southern Wheat Growers territory. I also saw a report from SDSU about the subject. With the warm fall conditions creating fairly lush top growth on winter wheat stands, it is imperative that you go take a good

Tech Tips: Cereal Aphid Issues and Wheat Disease Control

We are receiving reports of aphids and potential issues of Barley Yellow Dwarf (BYD) showing up in wheat in SD. There are several aphid species that can be present across the Wheat Growers service area in wheat fields, but the target species right now for Barley Yellow Dwarf virus (BYDV)