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Member Advisory - NGFA

NGFA was recently was notified by a few member companies of isolated incidents where the post-harvest respiration of some new-crop harvested corn appears to be occurring rapidly after unloading; thus, leading to elevated levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and depleted

Safety Success Story at Roscoe

One of Wheat Growers’ core values is a Commitment to a Positive Safety Culture. The team at the Roscoe location has achieved a milestone that is at the heart of that core value. They have a record of six years (and counting) without a lost-time accident!

Bringing Wheat Growers’ Safety Culture to Our Communities

Miller and Highmore Schools Learn Vital Safety Information from Wheat Growers’ Community Safety Outreach Program

Spring is here! Finally!

If you were like me, you had to wonder - would this day ever come!!  Looks like we are ready to roll at least for a while on fertilizer spreading.  Let's all take our time and do the right job while being safe. 

Speaking of fertilizer - our thoughts and

Keeping Grain Quality & Safety a Top Priority into the New Year

Combines are put away, bins are full, and it’s starting to feel like winter out there. As the seasons have changed, we have been seeing some grain going out of condition despite going into the storage bin at very low moisture levels. Don’t forget to monitor the grain you have in

Wheat Growers’ Chamberlain Location Wins Top Environmental Award

Wheat Growers’ Chamberlain location has been honored with a Regional DuPont Environmental Respect Award. This award is the agriculture industry’s highest recognition for environmental stewardship among U.S. agricultural retailers.

Ag Safety Awareness Week

Wheat Growers B.A.S.E. team recognizes Ag Safety Awareness Week, March 4-10, 2012.

High Angle Rope Rescue

Wheat Growers lowers someone down 150 feet from catwalk.