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Emerging Wheat and Frost Damage

I have gotten a couple calls this morning on evaluating wheat and maybe other small grains that were emerging with the frost damage last night. Although we were very cold last night, I want everyone to use caution in making quick assessments as to how damaged small grains were. Here are some

Frost Damage to Soybeans

The cold snap over late last week and the weekend has raised questions on damage to soybean crops across the region. The effect of frost on the soybean crop depends upon the growth stage of the soybean plants. Frost-damaged soybeans are generally considered salvageable as long as the plants

Frost Effects on Alfalfa

Frost damage should not be lethal to alfalfa.  Alfalfa, if established at all, has a lot of growing points, and even if the primary bud is damaged, the secondary buds will take over and resume growth. There is some delay in growth expected as the plants recover and first cutting yield may

Keeping Grain Quality & Safety a Top Priority into the New Year

Combines are put away, bins are full, and it’s starting to feel like winter out there. As the seasons have changed, we have been seeing some grain going out of condition despite going into the storage bin at very low moisture levels. Don’t forget to monitor the grain you have in

Late Season Frost Effects on Corn and Soybeans

Cold temperatures last night across the territory could have affected yields in our corn, soybean and sunflower fields.