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Yield Data

Harvest is winding down and as we switch from those activities to planning for next year lets discuss yield data and some simple areas to start to make this more useful.

Waterhemp Control

Waterhemp is a weed that can be found across our trade territory. This is a weed that produces seeds at such a high rate fields can go from "thinking we have waterhemp in them" to "covered end to end with it."

Think Fall for Spring Weed Control

Fall is the perfect time to start weed control on problem fields. If you are encountering kochia or marestail issues especially plan a program to start this fall to get ahead of these weeds.

Analyzing your herbicide program

The combine seat always gives us a good view of the results from the decisions made during the year. Weed control is always at the top of the list as we roll into harvest and then make plans for next year.

Early-Planted Corn & Cold Weather Risks

The forecast for the week beginning April 24, 2017 certainly looks to a continuation of the below normal temperatures. One question is whether corn planting should continue or whether we are better off holding off now for a few days. Chilling injury to corn should be considered and corn monitored.

Is your crop's plate full? And maybe even a data card?

As we approach the upcoming holiday weekend, I'm reminded that we do have a lot to be thankful for in our industry. The opportunity to daily work towards producing tremendous crops and high-quality produce to feed the hungry world is an awe-inspiring thing.

As we approach and

Variety Selection and Early Seed Planning for 2017

Fairly soon, we will be entering the time of the year to look ahead to 2017 and begin making variety selections for the upcoming growing season. As I have mention in previous blogs, take some time late in the is growing season to critically review your current variety selections for both corn

What’s The Deal with Glyphosate? Being Sure To Look At “Apples to Apples”

I have heard some of our agronomists and staff talking a lot about different glyphosate offerings for 2016. It seems that every generic supplier out there has their version of glyphosate to sell. There are different “types” of glyphosate on the market- different salts of the

Northern Corn Leaf Blight

Below is a link to an excellent article on Northern Corn Leaf Blight. This disease, along with Gray Leaf Spot, is a disease of concern in Iowa. It has been a resurging disease in recent years, and is a disease to keep an eye out for. I am not aware of issues in our northern area corn, but it

Improper Downforce and Planting Depth

Maintaining a planter and making sure you have proper downforce is essential to placing seeds at the proper depth.