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Soybean Aphids at the 250 Aphid Threshold

I have received several calls recently about whether soybean aphids should be treated or not. The question often revolves around whether we will still see an economic benefit to treatment after soybeans are in something like the R3 growth stage. The short answer is yes there is value in


As Jay stated earlier aphid numbers are on the rise, some fields in my area around Aberdeen have aphid numbers of 1000+.   Fields that have been treated with a insecticide with a good residual are holding good. 


Aphid numbers continue to rise

Aphid numbers have continued to rise in soybean fields. The average number of aphids per plants in the Wolsey area has increased to over 50 aphids. In certain fields aphid numbers have increased to well over 200. With the current forecast calling for mild temperatures I expect these