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Spring 2017- Where Have all the Nutrient$ Gone? Or Are They $till There?

OK- so you probably get it from the title- This blog has something to do with nutrient availability and the investment we all make when growing crops each season. Specifically, I want to reference the crop nutrition that we spent much of the winter talking about and the early spring carefully

Nitrogen Management Strategies in a Dry Season

Below is a cumulative precipitation total for a field enrolled in Winfield’s R7 tool.  This graph points out a pretty obvious observation throughout the area - we have not received much rain through this spring season.


Is Your Crop’s “Fuel Tank” Full?

Our crops are in the ground and up in most of the Wheat Growers area, and let me say that the corn that is up and growing in the central and northern areas of the territory look absolutely fantastic! Soybeans are just up and looking great as well. Wheat continues to look excellent. WE HAVE A

Late Season Corn Health

This is a fun time of the year when you can go into your corn fields and start to evaluate what to expect when the combine arrives.