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White Mold Management- Heads Up Seed Treatment

As we approach the main seed treatment time of the year, I wanted to send a reminder about a product that we looked at last year, with some success.  Heads Up seed treatment is a seed-applied plant protectant that causes a Systemic acquired Resistance (SAR) reaction in soybeans, with

White Mold in Soybeans

We have heard about a lot of white mold in the soybean crop this year. The cool, wet, long dew period weather we have seen recently really favors the development of this disease. There is really nothing we can do about it right now, but please keep record of where the disease occurred, for

White Mold

Looking ahead a little, R1 soybeans are not that far away in some of the area. I know that additional inputs on soybean are hard to think about right now, given the already increased cost of herbicide programs for the year. However, the continued wet weather and the cooler temps we are seeing,