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Stripe Rust in Wheat

As we approach time for a herbice application also make sure to monitor for rust. This is a picture I took today of stripe rust in a winter wheat field in Hand County. Seeing rust this early in the season makes a fungicide application a must. Strobilurin fungicides are very effective. Yield

Northern Corn Leaf Blight

Below is a link to an excellent article on Northern Corn Leaf Blight. This disease, along with Gray Leaf Spot, is a disease of concern in Iowa. It has been a resurging disease in recent years, and is a disease to keep an eye out for. I am not aware of issues in our northern area corn, but it

Early Season Fungicides and Micronutrients

Do you have good corn out there? Or even stressed corn? Now is the time to be thinking about protecting that crop and making sure that it is setting maximum ear size. Early season fungicides and micronutrients are excellent choices to be thinking about right now.