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Analyzing your herbicide program

The combine seat always gives us a good view of the results from the decisions made during the year. Weed control is always at the top of the list as we roll into harvest and then make plans for next year.

Crop Staging and Corn Post-Emergence Herbicides

Corn emergence across the Wheat Growers territory has been uneven due to variable environmental conditions. Excellent post-emergence corn herbicide options for growers can be an effective part of a weed management strategy. Crop staging is critical in effectively managing this application.

Fall Residuals - Too Late?

As we wrap up harvest and continue to apply fertilizer, a few questions have been received about whether we are entirely too late in the season to apply fall pre-emergence herbicides for the upcoming soybean season. The short answer is that agronomically- NO, we still have time. The issue may

Soybean Harvest Trends

Here are just a few things I have noticed so far during fall soybean harvest.

Wheat Stubble Management

With small grain harvest rolling along and getting completed make plans to manage your wheat stubble.

Fall Residual Herbicides - Not too late, actually just right!

Lately, a common question has been raised - Is it too late to spray a fall-applied residual herbicide ahead of soybeans (or corn for that matter)? The answer is that now is still a PERFECT TIME to spray, if you can. The ideal soil temperatures to spray fall residuals are below 50 F and