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Corn Harvest & Stalk Rots- Is There a Hidden Loss Looming In Your Fields?

I have been driving all across the Wheat Growers territory in the recent weeks, and as corn is drying down toward harvest, many fields look, well, a little UGLY to me. The corn in some areas looks good, but in others, it is simply not drying with the nice, light tan, almost bleached

Northern Corn Leaf Blight

Below is a link to an excellent article on Northern Corn Leaf Blight. This disease, along with Gray Leaf Spot, is a disease of concern in Iowa. It has been a resurging disease in recent years, and is a disease to keep an eye out for. I am not aware of issues in our northern area corn, but it

Corn Diseases and Control

I have recently looked at many corn fields and in general, they look really good! I have started to see a little common corn rust across the region. Although I have not found other foliar fungal diseases, like Eyespot, Gray Leaf Spot, Northern Corn Leaf Blight or Northern Corn Leaf Spot, these