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Stripe Rust Still Active in Winter Wheat

Stripe rust is still present and very active in winter wheat, even what was treated a month ago.

I heard from Bayer CropScience of multiple reports of stripe rust in winter wheat in South Dakota. Unfortunately this rust was on on wheat that had been previously treated with a

Stripe Rust in Wheat

As we approach time for a herbice application also make sure to monitor for rust. This is a picture I took today of stripe rust in a winter wheat field in Hand County. Seeing rust this early in the season makes a fungicide application a must. Strobilurin fungicides are very effective. Yield

Early Season Diseases

Spring has certainly looked like it has sprung! As we continue to warm up, new growth on winter wheat and spring wheat planting are not far away! I have been reading the cereal rust reports published by USDA, and it really sounds like there is a high potential for rust infections this

Keep An Eye On Winter Wheat For Stripe Rust

I have seen some reports that stripe rust is showing up on unsprayed winter wheat along the Nebraska-Kansas border. Still a long ways south and in a wetter area than us, but take note. Southerly winds can bring rust spores from Nebraska & Kansas north to us. Stripe rust likes the cool

Stripe Rust on Wheat

Although there have not been widespread reports of stripe rust on wheat immediately to our south, the weather pattern last week raised my level of suspicion a little.  The low pressure system sitting still and churning southerly winds all the way from Texas and Oklahoma up to us, then