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Analyzing your herbicide program

The combine seat always gives us a good view of the results from the decisions made during the year. Weed control is always at the top of the list as we roll into harvest and then make plans for next year.

Liberty Done Right - Making The System WORK

I have seen around the company, especially in the northern areas, that there is some growing interest in Liberty Link soybeans. Liberty Link soybeans, with tolerance to glufosinate (Liberty Herbicide from Bayer), can be a solid program and a good alternative to Roundup Ready soybeans. Current

Soybean Harvest Trends

Here are just a few things I have noticed so far during fall soybean harvest.

Soybean Pre Herbicides and Rain Delays

The following table is a quick reference for most of the soybean pre-emergence herbicides listing the latest allowable application window.  A good “rule of thumb” I heard from an industry rep is that if we have an inch of soil between the emerging crook of the soybean and the