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Effective Weed Burndown for Soybean with Gramoxone

Gramoxone Herbicide can be an effective burndown herbicide for soybean. Gramoxone (paraquat) non-selective, with zero residual, and zero pre-plant interval. Gramoxone pricing has been reduced significantly, making it an economical choice and effective choice, when handled and applied correctly.

Liberty Done Right - Making The System WORK

I have seen around the company, especially in the northern areas, that there is some growing interest in Liberty Link soybeans. Liberty Link soybeans, with tolerance to glufosinate (Liberty Herbicide from Bayer), can be a solid program and a good alternative to Roundup Ready soybeans. Current

Soybean Harvest Trends

Here are just a few things I have noticed so far during fall soybean harvest.

Pre-Emergence Herbicides

Ready… Set… GO!! The planting season is upon us! I know that we are all getting very busy with fertilizer and herbicide applications. I can't emphasize enough the need for early season weed control- pre-plant, pre-emergence or early post-emergence.

Mother Nature is Messin' with Corn Pre Herbicide Applications

You know the Jack Links beef jerky add campaign “Messin’ with Sasquatch”? Well, Mother Nature is messin’ with corn pre herbicide applications. Upper twenties for temps yesterday morning were one thing, but around 20 this morning is another. Nearly all of the weeds that

Corn Planting 2013: Preemergence Herbicides and COLD Weather

Even though field conditions may be suitable to begin field work, temperatures may not be ideal for effective weed control. The best advice is to delay burndown until warm temperatures occur and remain warm.