Ready… Set… GO!! The planting season is upon us! I know that we are all getting very busy with fertilizer and herbicide applications. I can't emphasize enough the need for early season weed control- pre-plant, pre-emergence or early post-emergence.

Wheat Growers has an excellent supply of crop protection products available and ready to serve growers needs.  We also have additional staffing on board at many locations and our equipment is ready.

Early season herbicides are all about PROFITABILITY! Key Management Opportunities to improve return per acre Include:
1) Recognize that yield loss from early weed pressure is irreversible.
2) Yield loss begins very early in the season- earlier than many growers expect.
3) Understand that yield loss is additive with each day of delay beyond an initial loss point after planting. With corn, that point is very early- V3 or earlier. For soybean, it is a little alter, but still significant by V3, and increases greatly with any further delay.