The first option to extend starter fertilzer is to use less per acre. By putting down 3 to 5 gallons per acre we can still capture the pop up effect that helps corn so much in the early season when soils are cool and wet and root development is slow. To offset putting down less fertilizer a grower can do a few things. With strip till or double shot in the fall, we can place more P in the root zone and offset placing less in furrow. You can also spread more P with a dry floater to offset putting down less starter. This works well in front of fall tillage. As the price of starter fertilizer rises, we can often cut back on starter and replace it with dry P and spend the same amount per acre. Growers may also need to be looking into other starter products. Wheat Growers has other starter options available and these should be looked into at your agronomy location. Finally, corn planters may need to be adjusted to properly deliver a smaller rate of starter fertilizer. Wheat Growers carries all the parts for starter fertilizer set ups and modifications.