In an effort to help South Dakota ranchers that suffered tremendous loss of livestock during the October 4-7 blizzard and at the request of Wheat Growers customers that wanted to contribute a portion of their harvest to those that suffered livestock loss, Wheat Growers is supporting the South Dakota Ranchers Relief Fund by accepting grain donations that can be directed to this fund.

Those that would like to sell some of their grain and have the proceeds directed to this charity can do so at any Wheat Growers grain location. Simply tell the location how much grain you would like to donate and they will sell the grain and direct the proceeds to the Ranchers Relief Fund in your name. We know the ranchers will greatly appreciate your support and donation.

For more information about the Ranchers Relief Fund visit

The South Dakota Rancher Relief Fund was established on October 8, 2013 by Black Hills Area Community Foundation to provide support and relief assistance to those in the agriculture industry impacted by the blizzard of October 4-7, 2013. The fund will be administered by BHACF in cooperation with the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association, the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association and the South Dakota Sheep Growers Association for the direct benefit of the livestock producers impacted by this devastating blizzard.