With many areas having confirmed glyphosate resistant kochia, all fields need to be managed as if kochia is glyphosate resistant. The key for kochia control is timing. Be early with applications and don't allow kochia to grow. As you can see in the attached picture, kochia is just starting to germinate. Nearly 100% of kochia seeds will germinate the next growing season - so control kochia right away and eliminate a problem for next year. Bigger kochia has more growing points and makes control with contact herbicides tougher later in the season. Apply a residual herbicide with the proper burndown so you start your crop in a clean field. Kochia escapes can become very hard to control later on. Tank mixing is key. Use multiple modes of action for best results. There are many effective options for control in corn and wheat; less products for soybeans. This is especially true in soybeans if the beans have emereged and kochia hasn't been controlled. Talk with your local agronomist now for a plan to control kochia.