There are a few key things to remember when making plans for resistant weeds before spring. The first is to be proactive. Whether you know you have problem weeds, or are unsure, you should start to manage your acres like you do have a problem. Proactive management is the best way to get out in front of these weeds and ultimately save you money on crop protection and avoid crop loss. The second key is to focus on problem weeds in your area. Talk to your agronomist and discuss weed issues in your area and what they have seen. The third step is to make a plan. Whether it is crop rotation or weed management with different chemistries, a plan needs to be made to deal with resistant weeds. The earlier a grower and agronomist can make a management plan, the better chance of executing the plan. As the old saying goes, timing is everything. And this is especially true with weed management. The timing of applications is huge for effective control of problem weeds. Don't limit your options for weed control, make your plan now to get ahead of resistant weeds and not have to deal with these headaches. I will post more on specific weed problems and possibly remedies.