Getting into your fields and pulling some ears of corn is the best way to estimate yield. There are many formulas available as well as some apps for smart phones that make the math very simple. All you need to do is grab some representative ears and count the harvest population to get a picture of what the crop can do. The wild card is not knowing the future weather. Continued lack of rain will hamper kernel development and shorten yield. The following picture shows what is very common. Pollination seemed to be decent but the hot, dry weather is taking its toll. One thing that I have noticed that early planted and early pollinated corn has more yield potential. In the following picture the corn to the right of the pliers was planted on May 12th, while the ears to the left were planted May 3rd. Right now, if the plant can keep the kernels present, I estimate the yield on the early planted corn around 90 bushels per acre. Talk to your Wheat Grower's agronomist for help checking fields or any other questions.