This afternoon's USDA Crop Conditions Report was out and as expected both Corn and Soybean ratings were lower than last week.  Corn was down 7% nationwide now rated at 56% Good/Excellent.  Most notable changes were: Illinois (Down 15%), Indiana (Down 10%), and Missouri (Down 6%).  SD ratings were 5% lower at 71% G/E.

Nationwide Soybean ratings also followed Corn as we dropped 3% from a week ago.  Notable changes were: IL (Down 12), IN (Down 8), and SD dropping 4% at 72% G/E.  Interesting to note that MN and IA gained on last week and OH stayed the same.

Progress wise, corn is 10% silking which is  7% ahead of average.  Soybeans are 12% blooming stage and is 8% ahead of average.  Spring wheat is 57% headed which is 39% ahead of average and well ahead of last years pace of 5% on June 25th.

Winter wheat is 59% Harvested and chugging along quite well.  We were 36% harvested at this time last year.

All crops continue to mature at a quick pace.  Soybeans ratings were not dropped as much as corn, with some states seeing improvements.