Water logged fields from 2011 should be managed for the possibility of fallow syndrome in 2012. Fallow syndrome is a result of water logged fields having little or no plant growth. The lack of plant growth reduces the population of healthy fungi in the soil. The reduction in these beneficial fungi can hamper a plants ability to take in Phophorus and Zinc. Seed placed Phosphorus and Zinc are essential for a good crop if planting is taking place in prevent plant fields from last year. I have attached a picture I took last year of a corn plant experiencing fallow ground syndrome. The plant on the left is experiencing extreme P deficiency. The plant on the right is not nearly as deficient. These plants were only 2 rows apart in the field. The healthier corn plant was closer to the edge of the field where the beneficial fungi population was obviously higher. Here is a link to an AgVise Laboratories publication explaining fallow syndrome and management strategies for it. http://www.agvise.com/pdf/AGVISEFallowSyndrome2012.pdf