Managing weeds, and potential weed resistance, in Roundup Ready Soybeans is an ever increasing issue. To start off with, there are a very few places in South Dakota that have confirmed resistant weeds to Glyphosate. However, resistant weeds across the midwest are increasing in both location and species. Waterhemp, Pigweed, Marestail, Kochia, Lambs-quarters, Common Ragweed and Giant Ragweed are the main weeds that are getting tougher to control. The easiest way to control these weeds is to apply a pre-emerge herbicide for soybeans that will provide residual activity. Valor, Authority First, Authority Assist and OpTIll, to name a few, are all products that give you residual activity to control tough broadleaves. These products all need to be applied before soybean emergence. The list of products that can be used after emergence gets much smaller. Warrant and Pursuit are a few of the more common products that can be applied post that offer residual activity. Be sure to talk to your agronomist to select the best product to control your problem weeds as well as to make sure it is applied correctly. Rotation restrictions, proper rates, spray volume and adjuvants are just a few things that need to be considered to make sure you are using the correct product and applying it correctly to get the best results.