So what is your strategy in 2018 to control waterhemp? I want to start with this simple recommendation for soybeans. Changing just the trait to Liberty or Dicamba won't be enough. Either one of these traits will help compared to straight Roundup on this weed, but relying on controlling waterhemp post only is a plan for failure. Waterhemp has many growing points, plus grows very quickly, so trying to control with just contact spraying is a tough thing to do consistently. Waterhemp germinates in our area from late May all the way through August if we keep getting moisture. Work with your agronomist to understand a layered residual program so you have a plan in place to control waterhemp all season. Most of the products we use pre emerge have good activity on waterhemp so keep up with that application, just add another residual to your post application to extend soil activity later into the season. Some other quick control tips include: narrow rows in beans help canopy quicker and keep new seedlings from emerging, make corn the crop you allow ZERO escapes in, rotate to wheat when you can - waterhemp in wheat is not an issue in crop and if it comes in the stubble after harvest there are more options for control. The final point I will add is this. Make your waterhemp control plan this fall. If you have seen this weed from your combine you need to plan for it. Waiting to see this weed in your crop next year is not the time to start controlling it.