Applying residuals in the fall will give you a head start come spring. There are many options for products to use and some allow flexibility for spring planting if you are unsure of your crop rotation. Fall spraying is also a great time to get ahead of cheat grass and other winter annuals. If there are issues with these weeds add glyphosate, 2,4-D and or dicamba to control these weeds. Keep in mind fall spraying may not be the only thing needed on fields that have high pressure. From the previous blog, we are trying to up our control from 95% closer to 100%. The amount of weeds seeds per acre in a field will dictate the plan from here. Also, annual weeds like waterhemp for example that emerge later in the spring and summer will not be controlled from a fall application. The attached picture is from this last spring. As you can see, even with a dry fall and winter, fall spraying did a great job of cutting down kochia seedlings.