Below is a cumulative precipitation total for a field enrolled in Winfield’s R7 tool.  This graph points out a pretty obvious observation throughout the area - we have not received much rain through this spring season.

What has happened to our nitrogen we have applied this spring?

Hopefully where we have had long stretches of no precipitation the applied nitrogen was treated by us some time before a rain event to lessen possible losses. In any case, we will need to be monitoring fields and making in-season adjustments to ensure we have the proper amount of nitrogen for our crops. Two tools that come to mind to help answer the question of how much nitrogen we have available are tissue samples and soil samples. I would target a tissue sample on corn fields to check nutrient uptake around the V5 growing stage. I also think an in-season soil sample to test nitrate levels would be very beneficial on a year like this to see what is available in the soil for the crop.

Make a plan to get these tests taken and completed in time to make an in-season application to remedy a possible nitrogen deficiency.