As we approach the upcoming holiday weekend, I'm reminded that we do have a lot to be thankful for in our industry. The opportunity to daily work towards producing tremendous crops and high-quality produce to feed the hungry world is an awe-inspiring thing.

As we approach and work through the end of this agronomy season, a lot of discussion has been with your seed advisors to meet the various upcoming deadlines. That discussion is absolutely critical, to set the stage for our crops next year. However, I'm also reminded that as we approach a holiday where much of our thoughts are associated around a great meal with family and friends, we do need to think about our crop and complete crop nutrition as well.

In this fall season, everything that happened in the recent harvest is still fresh in your mind. Be absolutely sure that you are taking the opportunity now to really analyze the yield maps that I know can be generated from the data cards that are just coming out of many combines. Does what you visually saw match what your yield map is showing? Have you had that conversation yet with your agronomist about what a really complete crop nutrition program looks like when it's tailored to the specific areas of your field? Are we sure that we are planning fertilizer based on the crop removal that actually happened during this year? Are you looking at a building program for crop nutrition on any acres?

It is easy in a tight margin time to look at inputs like micro nutrients and consider that maybe we should just concentrate on looking at NPK and maybe sulfur in our fields for a year. However, nothing can be further from the truth. Maximum ROI is attained in fields with balanced crop nutrition that feeds all of the nutrient needs and allows all of the appropriate interactions to happen in the plant. Have a conversation with your agronomist about not just a variable rate fertilizer application, but a complete agronomic package a variable rate seeding, variable rate crop nutrition, and complete nutrition management for your crop throughout the season.

As we go through this next weekend, be thankful for the things that we have in this life. Let's also continue to plan so that our crops going into this next year – from a seed point of view all the way through crop nutrition and crop protection – will say thank you to us this next year with maximized yields, leading to maximized ROI on every acre.