Sep 16th
Stetson Senyak
Grain Marketing Specialist

Fall harvest is right around the corner! Contact your nearest Grain Marketing Specialist to discuss our different contracting options and grain programs.

Corn Down 2 as of 7:45
December corn futures closed down 1 ¾ cents yesterday as weekly export sales and shipments were for the most part neutral. Weekly export sales showed a total of 28.5 million bushels with 27.7 million bushels for the 2016-17 marketing year. This was below the needed pace of 29.4 million bushels needed to stay on pace with USDA’s September demand projection of 2.175 billion bushels.

Beans Down 4 as of 7:45
November soybeans finished the day in the green Thursday up 7 ¾ cents, with help from a friendly export sales report. Weekly export sales for beans came in at 37.2 million bushels, 15 million bushels above the 22.2 needed to stay on pace with USDA’s demand projection of 1.985 billion bushels.

Wheat Minneapolis Unchanged 3 Kansas City Down 3 as of 7:45
December Kansas City Winter Wheat closed the day down 2 ¼ cents yesterday and December Minneapolis Spring wheat ended the day down 1 ¾ cents. Export sales out yesterday morning were on the lower end of expectations at 14.8 million bushels for all wheat, with 13-20 million bushels expected.
Wheat quality in Saskatchewan Canada has been reported to be a problem with half or more of the durum and an increasing amount of the Spring Wheat being designated to feed.