Fairly soon, we will be entering the time of the year to look ahead to 2017 and begin making variety selections for the upcoming growing season. As I have mention in previous blogs, take some time late in the is growing season to critically review your current variety selections for both corn and soybean. Many of our Wheat Growers agronomy locations will be hosting variety plot tours at their locations in the next couple weeks. Please take advantage of this opportunity and visit with your local Wheat Grower Agronomist about the newest technologies available in seed for your farm.

For soybeans, remember, too, the value of a seed treatment and inoculant program. Treating every soybean seed with a premium seed treatment package like the Cruiser Maxx Vibrance offering from Wheat Growers and then combining that with a premium inoculant like Preside CL is a critical Best Management Practice for assuring an excellent stand of soybeans in your fields. Even with excellent growing conditions this year, seed treatment resulted in a 20% increase in early season stand counts compared to untreated soybeans. This is comparable to the stand loss experienced last year, when growing conditions at planting were much less favorable. Early season vigor and late season plant development have continued through in the treated plots. The bottom line: premium seed treatments and inoculants are solid vestments that return value year after year.

Early season plant development. Note the improved vigor and development of the soybeans receiving the full seed treatment and inoculant package. 

 Late season plant development. Note the consistent stalk diameter and larger roots of soybeans receiving the full seed treatment and inoculant package (at left). 

For more information talk to your Wheat Growers Agronomist or local Wheat Growers location.