Corn Conditions: The Total US Corn Conditions once again remain at a 76% Good/Excellent rating. Looks like there are not as many red numbers this week compared to last week. States in the red: SD, NE, TX, PA, and NC are all down 2%. OH is down another 6% to a 54% G/E rating this week. TN is only down a percent to a 64% G/E. ND, MN, WI, IA, and IL are all up one percent. MI, MO, and KY are up 2% with CO making the biggest upward move this week at 4% to an 83% rating. WI still holds the title for the best rating at an 87% G/E rating.

Soybean Conditions: Beans moved up a percent to a 71% G/E rating this week. ND, MN, WI, IA, KS, MO, and IN are all up 2%. LA, MS, and TN are also on the positive side with 9%, 5% and 3% respectively. LA made the biggest overall move this week to a 79% G/E rating. Although WI is still leading with an 88% rating. On the flip side, SD, NE, MI, and NC are all down a percent while OH takes another hit at down 6% to a 58% rating. OH, MI, and AR are all tied for the lowest condition rating at 58% G/E.

Spring Wheat Harvested: Changing gears to Spring Wheat Harvested. The total US Spring Wheat Harvested is at 10% this week which is up from 6% at this time last year. SD has the most SW harvested at 55% this week with WA following at 14% and MN at 13%. MT, ND, and ID are still in the single digits at 1%, 4% and 6% respectively. SD made the biggest jump this week from 20% last week to 55% this week. ID and WA are falling behind last year. WA was at 47% harvested last year and ID was at 15%.

Winter Wheat Harvested: Winter Wheat harvest is done for 8 states this week: TX, OK, KS, MO, AR, NC, OH, and IN are all at 100% harvested. Not far behind is: IL 99%, CA 98%, NE 97%, CO 95%, and MI at 94% harvested. South Dakota is up to 87% this week which is ahead of last year at this time by 20%. OR is next in line at 64% completed followed by MT 54%, WA 41% and ID 21%. The Total US Winter Wheat Harvested is at 89% this week which is a few points behind last year’s 91% harvested but ahead of the 86% 5 year average.

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