Corn: Although Good/Excellent rating remain the same at 75% from this week to last, the Dakotas, MN, WI, and MI are all in the red. Michigan being the biggest mover at -7% change down to 56% G/E overall rating and SD next in line at down 5% with a 68% overall rating. Looking at the numbers, the nation is up 6% compared to last year. MO moved up the highest with a 4% change. OH, KY, and CO all moved 3% with KS also contributing a 2% change for the better.

Soybeans: Bean conditions are 7% better than last year but down 2% from last week to 70% G/E. ND, SD, MN, WI, and MI are also showing negative numbers on the soybean side as well at -2% -8% -1% -1% and -6% respectively. There are only five states that are showing a slight improvement in conditions, KS 1%, IN 1%, KY 2%, TN 1%, and MS 1%.

Spring Wheat: Nationwide conditions remain unchanged for SW at 72% G/E. Ratings are ahead by 2% from last year. SD has taken the biggest hit this week as SW changed -4% to 54% G/E rating. ND, MT, and ID are all down a percentage point and MN being the only state to be on the positive side with a 3% change to 68% overall rating.

Winter Wheat: Total US WW Harvested has taken another jump in numbers with seven states at 90% completed or better. IL 90%, MO and NC 94%, TX 95%, OK and CA 96%, and AR 99%. Harvest is 8% ahead of last year and 13% ahead of last week, bringing the total to 58% harvested this week. Ohio went from 4% LW all the way up to 56% TW, being the biggest mover this time around.

Looking the window and seeing dark blue hopefully means that South Dakota will be able to see some positive changes next week rather than the all the negative red numbers this week.