Corn: Looking at the Corn Conditions from this week to last week in North and South Dakota, they are down 5% and 1% respectively. Although Kansas and Illinois are also down 4 points the total US conditions remain unchanged at 75%.


Soybeans: Beans are not in any better shape…. Although Kansas, Michigan, Illinois and Tennessee are down 6% 5% 4% and 4% respectively, the total is only down a point. Seeing Ohio being the only state that made a jump to 3%, it seems like the total would have taken a bigger hit.


Spring Wheat: With the warmer and drier conditions, SD is down 10% to 58% G/E on the year. Washington and Idaho are hanging on unchanged so far at 85% G/E and 76% respectively. The Total US SW Condition is at 72% G/E which is the same number it was at this time a year ago.


Winter Wheat: Putting up some better looking numbers.… The total US WW Harvest is up 20% to 45% complete this week. With Kansas and Missouri both up 33% and Illinois up 38% from this week to last, they were the biggest movers across the board. Also with the average in Kansas 50%, Missouri 54%, and Illinois 45%. This year they are much farther along at 58%, 82% and 76% respectively.